A-RYZEN-Th-X Threadripper X399 CPU Block Red


Bykski’s Threadripper Th-X Blocks Are Guaranteed To Boost Your PC Build To The Next Level In Cooling, Performance & Design!
Crafted Out Of Only The Best Materials, Ensuring Your PC Components Are Working At Their Full Potential.
You Can’t Go Wrong With The Ryzen Th-X  Series CPU Blocks!
  • Breakthrough with the traditional CPU water-cooling block design, the 83 X 83 X 6 large copper plate design, water channel area and thickness have doubled, performance has been a qualitative leap. Installation is also revolutionary in comparison to the traditional back plate + screw + Spring + nut design. The direct use of the metal back plate & screws from the rear screw design, proves to be convenient and more secure with a snug fit, and more stability. Water Block is crafted from the highest quality PMMA+ aluminum panel material, IGAME 9 design style, beautiful simplicity, the texture is of pure quality. Not to mention we utilize environmental protection electroplating processing with copper oxidation preventing corrosion.
  • Compatible socket type: AMD 
  • Compatible socket model: AMD Threadripper TR4 

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Unique Patented Design

Optimal Structural Performance.

Where Performance Meets Design.

Our Ryzen TH-X Series Water Block Headers are crafted with only the best and highest quality materials. Premium Acrylic Top Covers, Bottom Copper Plating with Stainless Steel Manifolds ensures your CPU is Cool and performing at its optimal performance.

Pure Performance

Superior Heat Dissipation

We have cooling down to a Science.

Our Ryzen Th-X Series Water Blocks are designed with the 0.5mm  high-purity copper fins that are extremely fine, which effectively and efficiently dissipate heated water from both sides of the channels and then out of the outlet.

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